About Me

My role for many years was that of a nurse and midwife working in both hospitals and the community here and overseas. I developed a keen interest in how feelings and emotions may affect the body and developed a more holistic approach to my work.

At a low point in my life I decided to give ‘Talking Therapy’ a try, despite a feeling that nothing could help me get my life back on track; it was far from easy.

Bit by bit I developed a better understanding of myself and my life issues, there were changes I chose to make. My therapist walked beside me on my journey and I felt able to accept support from someone who wasn’t going to judge me.

I undertook an Integrative training in Counselling and Psychotherapy, studying many theoretical models in order to tailor the therapy according to each persons needs.The relationship between client and therapist being the key.

Like any new relationship it will develop at it’s own pace but usually during our first session both of us will know if we are happy to work together.

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Please use the details on my Contact page to get in touch and find out if I am the right person to help you. All contact will be treated with the strictest confidence at all times.
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